Bill’s Tire Center, located at 240 Hwy 20 South in Pelzer, SC, offers a wide range of tire services. Call or come by for the following tire services.

Mount Tires: Whether you’ve bought new tires or wheels, you will need to have them mounted and balanced. This should only be done by a trained professional using specialized equipment.
Balance Tires: A balanced tire gives you a smoother ride as well as prolonging tire wear.
Rotate Tires: Since front and rear tires wear differently, rotating them will extend the life of the tires and keep you driving safer longer.
Patch Tires: A patch reseals the innerliner of the tire which holds the air, without regard to the external layer.
Plug Tires: A string plug is often done as an external repair without regard to the innerliner or tube.
Patch & Plug Tires: The combination patch and plug, often referred to as a “mushroom patch”, seals the innerliner as well as the injury entry point. This prevents moisture from entering and damaging the steel belts and also prevents air from escaping the tire.
Foam Fill Tires: If you have a situation where repeated flat tires bog down your work day, flatproofing can save you time and money. A liquid polymer is pumped into the tire through the valve stem, replacing the air in the tire. This polymer then cures into a rubber core that won’t go flat. It works in all weather conditions.
– Truck & Farm Tires
– Lawn & Garden Tires

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